Breastfeeding Support

Get help from certified lactation consultants 24/7

BEST is a coalition made up of individuals and organizations who work together to create supportive chest/breastfeeding systems. that assist families, individuals, and our community.

We provide free certified lactation consultant services through the BEST helpline, which is available 24/7 every day of the year.

Breastfeeding Benefits

The benefits of breastfeeding are many but a part of what makes breastfeeding beneficial is that it is desired by both mom and baby

Breastfeeding Assistance

From 24 hour assistance to a support community, BEST offers various ways for you to get the help you need

Covid-19 Information

Information based on available knowledge concerning Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccines.

BEST was so pivotal in our breastfeeding journey starting at day 1. Breastfeeding started off rocky, but because of BEST, our journey lasted 14 months


BEST Meetings

1st Monday of every month

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BEST Hotline

  • (906)630-0050

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About BEST

BEST promotes breastfeeding by providing support and education to individuals, families and other community members in a respectful and culturally sensitive way